About us

Zsolt László Kiss // Drummer, Recording engineer, Sound Designer, Audio engineer


Born in Nagyvárad (Oradea, Grosswardein) 21 01 1975 and being a drummer since I was 14.

First drawn into the music as learning classical and pop music drumming in Nagyvárad, than getting really close to classical musical theory, and sacred music as well, at the PKE University in my Hometown.

Later on, turning back to roots of drumming, at the age of 23 moved to Budapest, attended the Kőbányai Zene Studio, being really lucky to learn from some of the greatest drummers and musicians from Hungary. Developed as a session and band drummer in various styles, being founder and member of bands, from hip-hop, pop, jazz and rhythm and blues, was playing in various venues in Budapest and Hungary. By playing with various ex-pat musicians in the city, I was able to make friendship and build long term cooperation with many of the artists living here.

In 2013 I founded my own studio called Monkey Island Studio, with the purpose of offering high quality on-location recording services for artists playing live, regardless to the genre they work in.

During the years I was able to develop the Microphone locker and the Preamps as well, so at the moment we’re able to get out to a venue and record a band on a 24 channel multi track system.

 Many of the recordings made by Monkey Island Studio, we released, either as Singles or as full Albums, and we have delivered tracks even to the East West Studios L.A. USA, where well-known mixers were taking care of the mixing of a particular production.

 Recently I was training myself and, finished a course of sound design, to have a more clear picture on the post production workflow, and ready of working on post prod. projects, regardless whether if it was going to be for a music video in Stereo, a Short or Animation in 5.1 e.g.



Audio: Live Recording, Mixing,  Sound Design,

DAWs: Tracks Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools HD, Waves Plugins

Video: Editing, Post Production on Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro